A British gambling renaissance?

Thanks to the convenience with which people can take part in a live game of roulette, it’s served a new generation of players who may have been initially put off by the expensive and exclusive real-life casinos.

Casinos only really became popular after the Second World War as the Gaming Act of 1968 allowed the building of commercial casinos. However, it was the simple pleasures found in the bingo halls that really made an impression with the UK public who used these locations for socialising as much as gambling.

But with the introduction of the smoking ban and the arrival of online casinos, such traditional casinos and bingo halls found it increasingly tough to compete in the modern era.

As a result, the UK has seen the loss of 200 bingo halls in the past decade and many casinos have had to diversify their entertainment offerings in order to sustain their revenues.

This is because the online alternative has presented the public with an overwhelming selection of new brands like LadyLucks who regularly feature a new jackpot game amongst their massive range of slots and table games that all offer the user an easier way to play than ever.

In addition to this increased convenience, many casino sites have sought to implement social features that allow people to chat in real-time whilst enjoying the online games.

As a result, the online gaming phenomenon has helped many UK-based casino companies enjoy a period of sustained growth and create many employment opportunities across the nation as the infrastructure around the industry continues to blossom.

That’s not to say that traditional bricks-and-mortar gaming establishments have folded completely. Casinos still represent a deeply entrenched part of many people’s social lives across the country, and certain forward-thinking individuals have even sought to bring back bingo halls on a smaller scale.

But despite ambitious projects like this, it seems as though online casino gaming could now be the preferred option for fans of classic table and slots games in the 21st century.