A Look at Topless Casino

casino 2The online gambling world welcomed a new player to the market recently after toplesscasino announced that it would be launching a VIP platform in the coming weeks. As its name suggests, the main premise of this platform is that its dealers are topless. Of course, in a market that’s currently approaching saturation point, this appears to be an interesting concept, but is it something the industry really needs?

A Slew of Questions

As yet the main features are being kept under wraps, unlike its dealers, but what we do know is that you’ll need to be given an invite to play. Unlike other platforms that operate with the mantra “come one, come all”, Topless Casino is only open to a limited number of “VIP players”. Of course, the risqué nature of the site makes this a necessity, but it certainly makes the proposition even more enticing.

Will the bonuses be bigger than normal? Are the betting limits and fees more favourable than other platforms? How attractive will the dealers be? All the questions have certainly whetted the appetite of those in the know. Does this mean Topless Casino can challenge some of the industry’s biggest players? Probably not, but it should certainly be able to carve out its own little niche in the gaming community.

Will it Work?

Aside from the obvious appeal for male casino fans, the interactive nature of the platform is something that many online punters enjoy. Over the last few years live dealer tables have become extremely popular on many of the major casino sites and this operator’s product appears to be taking that to a new level. Of course, some won’t appreciate the adult nature of the site; however, there’s no denying that 18+ content is a major part of Internet culture.

Stripping it Back

Basically, if we strip back this online casino to its bare essentials, then there are two elements at play: gambling and beautiful women. Regardless of how some perceive these two areas of society, there’s no denying that a lot of men find them hugely appealing. For this reason alone it seems that Topless Casino could certainly do well when it eventually goes live.