Atlantic City Revel Casino Making Online Return

TEN Casino, the former Revel, has been closed since September 2014, but property owner Glenn Straub has managed to keep it in the headlines.

Straub is locked in a heated fight over licensing that has kept the property’s doors locked far longer than he would have liked.

No resolution is in sight, but TEN did launch a social casino website, This could very well be the precursor to a real-money New Jersey online gambling site … if TEN ever reopens.

New Jersey officials have rejected Straub’s requests to forego the licensing process. A bitter fight has ensued, complete with lawsuits and plenty of mudslinging from Straub.

Straub maintains that he will be a “landlord” while a third-party company runs the casino, so he objects to getting a license.

“You can’t bring money into this city,” Straub told the AP in January. “Why do you think [billionaire investor] Carl Icahn backed out of his casino? It’s going to make all investors coming into Atlantic City think twice. We’ll see how long it takes Icahn to sell his property.”

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