Big Changes for Danish Online Gambling

The European Commission cleared the way for Denmark to end Danske Spil’s monopoly on offering online bingo and horse race betting in Denmark on Friday, after the three-month standstill period set aside for review of the country’s draft law by the EC and other member states expired.

The draft act, also adopted by the Danish parliament on Friday, will liberalise online bingo by allowing private operators to apply to offer this on a licensed basis “with the objective of channelling players away from the unregulated market into a Danish regulated market, including Danish protection of the players”. The opening is planned for January 1, 2018.

The new law will also liberalise betting on horse, dog and pigeon racing in both online and land-based channels, alongside the introduction of a special contribution to the sport of horse racing of 8% of the turnover from bets on Danish horse races.

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