Bigger Lotteries Online

There are a ton of different types of online Lottery opportunities that you can take advantage of, and have a chance to win money. There are some small opportunities, and then there are some bigger lotteries online. Places like playhugelottos are great resources to find these lotto opportunities. We are going to look into a few of the bigger lotteries online.

1. Superena Max

A quick pick game that is offering up to 423 000 000 Euro. With this, you have an opportunity to pick 6 numbers between 1-90. Obviously, to win the big money, you are going to have to match them all. When you make your pick, you can buy 1 or many “tickets” with the same transaction.

2. Powerball

The powerball is something many Americans are familiar with as well. With these, you have the chance to pick 5 numbers between 1-69, and then an additional number 1-26, which is known as the powerball. There is big money to be won in Powerball, but no set amount, and it varies from time to time.

3. Euro Millions

With Euro Millions, they offer up to 90 000 000 Euro. This plan of attack allows you to pick 5 numbers between 1-50, and then you simply choose two numbers between 1-12. If you do not want to pick the numbers yourself, you have an opportunity to click “quick pick” which arranges you the numbers on their own.

4. Super Enalotto

The super Enalotto is an interesting game. They advertise paying out 42 000 00 Euro. In this game, you get 6 numbers between 1-90, with no additional balls. Just like all the others, you can choose the numbers of simply get a quick pick. You can play multiple tickets as well, which costs you more, but gives you a better chance at winning.

5. Euro Jackpot

The Euro Jackpot is worth 32 000 000 Euro. When you are playing the Euro Jackpot, you get 5 numbers between 1-50 and then an additional 2 numbers between 1-10. This is another fun way to play the International Lotto. The money, despite being a little lower than some of the others is still awfully impressive.

There are a few of the best lotteries online. These are a few of the bigger lotteries online. Now, keep in mind that if you are playing the bigger lotteries online, you have a smaller chance of winning. These lotteries that are online are big, because they are based on a ton of players playing. Best of luck playing an any of the International Lotteries, especially the Bigger Lotteries Online.