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Blazing 7s Blackjack from Scientific Games

Take a look at an exciting new offering from our friends at Scientific Games! It’s their new progressive game Blazing 7s Blackjack!

This game has already paid out a huge jackpot for one lucky player at the Mohegan Sun Casino, and more are sure to come!

This exciting progressive blackjack game is quickly becoming a new player favorite! And we give you a front row seat to learn from the people who are bringing Blazing 7s Blackjack to a casino near you!

You can read more about this exciting game and learn how to play Blazing 7s Blackjack by visiting Scientific Games!

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Pulse Arena from Interblock

We speak with Interblock about their new Pulse Arena product, which is an “evolution” of the gaming product. Starting with live dealer assisted Electronic Gaming Tables, which led to stadium style games, and finally to the Pulse Arena.

Interblock states that the Pulse Arena blends “…the energy of the latest trends in gaming, interactivity, and entertainment to create an exciting new gambling experience that offers a friendly environment for established players…”

The Pulse Arena combines multiple casino games in to a cohesive, interactive gaming experience within casinos. It blends various electronic and live dealer games like blackjack, baccarat and roulette. Pulse Arena also adds a live DJ and entertainers, then blends these elements into an immersive environment themed around the casino itself!

Interblock CEO John Connelly describes the Pulse Arena as the future of gaming, where the experience is more social and interactive. You can also read more about the Pulse Arena by following the link.

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PRIZM GameTable from Scientific Games

Take a peek at Scientific Games award winning PRIZM GameTable! This is an innovative four-player interactive gaming on top of a 65 inch, 4k touchscreen display.…

The PRIZM GameTable deliveres a variety of Scientific Games products, including Lightning Launch Roulette (covered in this video), Revolution Reels, and Monopoly Revolution.

You can read more about the PRIZM GameTable when you visit the Scientific Games website, as well as more about Lightning Launch Roulette.

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U-Spin Roulette from Scientific Games

Enjoy FREE PLAY with popular online casino games, and get great bonuses on all deposits!

We preview the new way to play roulette where players get to decide when to release the ball!

Check out the latest innovation from Scientific Games with U-Spin Roulette!

You can see more game reviews on this site, or by visiting our YouTube channel.


HIC Hold’em from Scientific Games

We speak with Scientific Games about their brand new table game product HIC Hold ’em! The name is dervived from their partnership with surfboard company Hawaiian Island Creations (HIC)!

This game borrows from the “Crazy Pineapple” variation of hold’em popular in home games. It also features a “Big Kahuna” side bet, an “Ante Bonus” and a progressive jackpot!

Scientific Games says that in HIC Hold ’em players “…have to make a better five-card hand than the dealer to win. HIC Hold’em provides players with three advantages: they get to decide which two cards to start with to combine with the five community cards; the earlier the player bets, the more they can bet; and the dealer always qualifies.”

Get more information on HIC Hold’em at Scientific Games!

Diamond Dual Roulette from Interblock

You can play real online roulette absolutely free for one hour!

We speak with the Interblock team about their exciting new Diamond Dual Roulette game!

Interblock says that Diamond Dual Roulette offers “…multi-game and multi-play functionality, allowing players to play two Roulette games on the same screen, at the same time.

The Dual Roulette game consists of two different colored Roulette generators times to work in concert with one another. This allows players to wager on both wheels with no interruption in the betting process.

The Diamond Dual Roulette game features both single and double-zero Roulette wheels, simultaneous multi-game and multi-play functionality, an intuitive wagering experience, and an available “Golden Chip” side bet!

You Can Play Online Roulette for Free:

Bonus Spin Blackjack from AGS

We speak with AGS about an exciting new product for blackjack and other table games: Bonus Spin Blackjack.

The Bonus Spin technology allows AGS to offer a progressive system to blackjack (and other games) in the form of a virtual wheel. This allows players a chance to win top jackpots or prizes even when achieving a premium hand.

AGS states that their Bonus Spin Blackjack offers casino players “An exciting Blackjack bonus bet allowing players an opportunity to win an incremental progressive jackpot of various cash prizes.”

You can play a demo for Bonus Spin Blackjack on the AGS site, and read more about the Bonus Spin products here.

You can also play Blackjack online for free:

MiniStar Roulette from Interblock

Ready for a new twist on an old favorite? Players and casino alike will love the new MiniStar Roulette from our friends at Interblock.

This stand alone casino game twists the traditional roulette into something much more. MiniStar Roulette also takes up less floor space and helps casinos save operational costs!

Interblock states that there are, “…different options of MiniStar Roulette. These new products will incorporate all of the features of Organic Roulette, however in a much smaller diameter…”

Mini Hologram Casino Games from Interblock

Our friends at Interblock continue the development of their amazing hologram casino games. This time it’s the G5 Mini Hologram, designed to take up less floor space and offer a lower entry level that the larger Hologram Suite!

Interblock states the Hologram Gaming Lounge was named the Innovate Gaming 2012 Innovation of the Year and at this year’s exhibition in Las Vegas, Interblock will show attendees a smaller version of last year’s G2E hit, the Mini Hologram Casino Games. Catering to smaller casino floors, 3-5 players can experience the magic of the mini hologram.

Pop’n Poker Game from Interblock

Watch our interview with Tom O’Brien, CEO of Interblock Games, about their new innovative Pop’n Poker Game Game.

Pop’n Poker should be on casino floors by the time this video review is published.

Pop’n Poker is described as “…an exclusive game which combines the emotion of Keno and LOTO, and adds a Bingo theme.”

Find out more about this game and others when you visit the Interblock website.

Table Master Fusion from SHFL Entertainment

According to SHFL Entertainment, the Table Master Fusion brings all the excitement of live table game play to an electronic platform.

SHFL states that the Table Master Fusion transports the fast-paced excitement of live table gaming to a fully electronic platform. The contemporary design and eye-catching video-dealers modernize the look and feel to enhance the player experience.

The five-seat table design provides operators with the opportunity to offer some of the most popular table games 24 hours a day without any staffing concerns.

Big 3 Six Wheel from Interblock

This Week in Gambling – Another new and exciting game from Interblock, and another exclusive preview from This Week in Gambling! Due out in the first part of this year, Big 3 Six Wheel game is the latest offering from Interblock. According to the company website, Big 3 Six Wheel is an exciting new spin on…

The Interblock Hologram Game Lounge

This Week in Gambling – J Todd was in Las Vegas attending the Global gaming expo (G2E) where he got to preview the new Interblock Hologram Game Lounge! See the hologram games in action… including the naughty hologram girls! And visit the company web site at the link below for more information on all the…

Vegas Star Roulette and House Money Blackjack from SHFL Entertainment

Vegas Star Roulette Strategy – The Vegas Star Roulette machine is found in…gambling venues worldwide. It is not found online. The game does not use a real dealer, rather a  RNG (Random Number Generator) is used to generate the winning numbers. The terminal and screen should appear somewhat similar to the photograph above. It is…

Vegas Star Roulette & House Money Blackjack from SHFL Entertainment

We track down SHFL Entertainment in Las Vegas to preview their new games for 2013 rolling out to casino floors. There are multi-player live dealer games as well as new twists on old favorites. See Vegas Star Roulette and House Money Blackjack, as well as Rapid Fusion games!

Some strategy tips: The Vegas Star Roulette machine is found in Australian gambling venues and other venues worldwide. It is not found online. The game does not use a real dealer, rather a RNG (Random Number Generator) is used to generate the winning numbers.

The terminal and screen should appear somewhat similiar to the photograph above. It is distributed worldwide by Shuffle Master, Inc.