Diamond Dual Roulette from Interblock

You can play real online roulette absolutely free for one hour!

We speak with the Interblock team about their exciting new Diamond Dual Roulette game!

Interblock says that Diamond Dual Roulette offers “…multi-game and multi-play functionality, allowing players to play two Roulette games on the same screen, at the same time.

The Dual Roulette game consists of two different colored Roulette generators times to work in concert with one another. This allows players to wager on both wheels with no interruption in the betting process.

The Diamond Dual Roulette game features both single and double-zero Roulette wheels, simultaneous multi-game and multi-play functionality, an intuitive wagering experience, and an available “Golden Chip” side bet!

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Bonus Spin Blackjack from AGS

We speak with AGS about an exciting new product for blackjack and other table games: Bonus Spin Blackjack.

The Bonus Spin technology allows AGS to offer a progressive system to blackjack (and other games) in the form of a virtual wheel. This allows players a chance to win top jackpots or prizes even when achieving a premium hand.

AGS states that their Bonus Spin Blackjack offers casino players “An exciting Blackjack bonus bet allowing players an opportunity to win an incremental progressive jackpot of various cash prizes.”

You can play a demo for Bonus Spin Blackjack on the AGS site, and read more about the Bonus Spin products here.

You can also play Blackjack online for free:


MiniStar Roulette from Interblock

Ready for a new twist on an old favorite? Players and casino alike will love the new MiniStar Roulette from our friends at Interblock.

This stand alone casino game twists the traditional roulette into something much more. MiniStar Roulette also takes up less floor space and helps casinos save operational costs!

Interblock states that there are, “…different options of MiniStar Roulette. These new products will incorporate all of the features of Organic Roulette, however in a much smaller diameter…”

Mini Hologram Casino Games from Interblock

Our friends at Interblock continue the development of their amazing hologram casino games. This time it’s the G5 Mini Hologram, designed to take up less floor space and offer a lower entry level that the larger Hologram Suite!

Interblock states the Hologram Gaming Lounge was named the Innovate Gaming 2012 Innovation of the Year and at this year’s exhibition in Las Vegas, Interblock will show attendees a smaller version of last year’s G2E hit, the Mini Hologram Casino Games. Catering to smaller casino floors, 3-5 players can experience the magic of the mini hologram.

Pop’n Poker Game from Interblock

Watch our interview with Tom O’Brien, CEO of Interblock Games, about their new innovative Pop’n Poker Game Game.

Pop’n Poker should be on casino floors by the time this video review is published.

Pop’n Poker is described as “…an exclusive game which combines the emotion of Keno and LOTO, and adds a Bingo theme.”

Find out more about this game and others when you visit the Interblock website.