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Space Invaders Skill-Based Slot Machine from Scientific Games

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We take a first look at the Space Invaders Slot Machine from Scientific Games! This is the product that won gold for “Best Slot Product” in the skill-based slot game category at the 2016 Gaming & Technology Awards!

The Space Invaders Skill-Based Slot combines all the classic 80’s arcade fun with the thrill of a real slot machine! Game play is just like a regular slot game, while players spin the reels to win prizes and accumulate awards for the bonus round.

Once at the bonus round, slot players can choose between a the luck-based or skill-based options! When a player picks the skill-based bonus, the Space Invaders Slot transforms into the classic arcade game!

Scientific Games says that the Space Invaders Skill-Based Slot Machine reflects their “…unwavering commitment to develop industry-altering ‘firsts’ for our customers, helping to drive casino revenue and create exciting and engaging new experiences for players.


Frogger: Get Hoppin’ Casino Skill Game from Konami

We take an upclose look at the new Frogger Get Hoppin’ from Konami! The trend in casino skill games continues with the latest edition of Frogger, due to hit casino floors in 2017.

Konami says that Frogger: Get Hoppin’ was one fo the “top skill-based concepts” when it was debuted at the Global Gaming Expo late in 2016. Konami were the original developers of the Frogger game, and the casino skill game version “…combines piano-style button melodies with the iconic road and river crossing course in a 15-second race to increasing scores and cash prizes.”

Frogger: Get Hoppin’ a 3-level standalone progressive jackpot, plus a bonus wheel spin 4-level standalone progressive! Frogger: Get Hoppin’ is setting the pace for skill-based casino games!

In a press release, Konami went on to say the casino skill game is a “…a music-infused Frogger road and river crossing game called Frogger: Get Hoppin’, a rhythmic DJ-style game called Beat Square, and a skill-stop VIP premium game called Hot Press Winnings.” READ MORE

Find more information about Frogger: Get Hoppin’ and other games on the Konami website.

Running Rich Racing from Competition Interactive

Running Rich Racing, Competition Interactive’s premier game, debuted at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas in September of 2016. Running Rich Racing is a multi-player racing experience where players battle for cash on different courses based on modern spins of classic fairytales. Each race is an intense adrenaline rush for the drivers and the spectators, who are free to place bets on the drivers!

The developer of Running Rich Racing is Competition Interactive, and they are set to “rock the world of casino gaming one experience at a time.” They are creating social, competitive, skill-based,games for casinos… appealing to the upcoming Millennial audience. Competition Interactive is based in Las Vegas and was born out of a love for video game technology.

Centipede Slot Machine Skill Game from IGT

Ready for a blast from the past? Check out our exclusive video interview with IGT from Las Vegas about their new Centipede Slot Machine Skill Game!

This new video slot incorporates skill gaming elements into the bonus rounds. The Centipede Slot Machine Skill Game allows players to take the joystick and enjoy the classic 80’s arcade favorite. The Centipede Slot Machine and other reviews of games from IGT are available on our website!

When a bonus in triggered, the Atari Centipede Slot Machine allows players to take the joystick and enjoy the classic 80’s arcade favorite to help determine how well they do.

Interblock’s “IB” Console Casino Game: Keno, Roulette and Skill Gaming Together!

One of the most exciting and innovative new casino games to be introduced for 2014! Interblock combines gaming elements of keno, roulette and skill gaming together and invents the “IB” Console Game. The combination of traditional casino games with arcade style play creates a dynamic new game that comes with incredible graphics, rich sound and a completely unique player experience! Our YouTube video for the Interblock IB Console Game is at this link. You can learn more about Interblock by visiting their website at this link.