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Online Gambling Live in California (Sorta)

California recently took their first online bet for real money! However, it’s not as exciting as it may sound… although it is a positive step. Also, another state has regulated fantasy sports as MGM launches another online casinos. Plus, a sports betting conference is coming to America, and another Black Friday case wraps up. This week’s special offer comes from Casino Cruise.

American Cross-Border Online Poker

This week we take a look at New Jersey’s goal of cross-border online poker for the United States.

Having a common player pool for Internet poker between states would completely change the business model.

We’re also covering stories on tribal gaming and Amaya.

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Pennsylvania & California Gambling: Same Ol’ Story!

Every year we wait and wait for Pennsylvania and California to pass gambling expansion.

Every year, we hold out hope for online gambling in more states here in America.

Yet, every year it ends in disappointed.

So what’s the current situation in these two states this time around?

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California Wants Legal Sports Betting!

California has jumped into the ring in the fight for sports betting reform in the United States!

Making matters even more interesting, at least one major American professional sports league seems to support the idea of legalized sports betting!

We’re also discussing the World Series of Poker, and the juice is getting set loose!

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DraftKings & FanDuel Merger Implodes

The anticipated merger between fantasy giants FanDuel and DraftKings has officially been called off, leaving some to wonder about the future of the companies.

Also, we’re covering stories from industry icon Calvin Ayre and his status as a “wanted man”.

Lastly, we’ve got gambling news out of Ireland.

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Gambling News from Indiana, Pennsylvania & the US Attorney General

What a week for online gambling news!

First up, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has made a major decision about his role in Internet betting.

Plus, good news for fantasy sports in Indiana, as we wait to see what will happen for online gambling in the state of Pennsylvania.

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New Jersey Sports Betting Case: Game On!

In a move that few people expected, the U.S. Supreme Court has decided that they will hear New Jersey’s challenge to the federal ban on sports betting.

While we wait to see how that battle plays out, we’re also looking at online gambling news coming out of the state.

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New Jersey Sports Betting Case in Limbo?

No one seems to know what the heck is going on with the New Jersey sports betting case… not even the U.S. Supreme Court!

We’re also taking a look at fantasy sports stories impacting FanDuel and DraftKings.

Plus, there is gambling news coming out of Africa.

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Online Poker Fails in New York Again

After a lot of hope and optimism, online poker will not even be considered by the state Assembly of New York this year.

Not all was lost, however, as the state of Vermont has become the 13th state to regulate fantasy sports.

We also have gambling news from New Jersey and the U.K.

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New York Online Poker is So Close!

This week we’re looking at the latest online poker bill in New York state, and how close it is to becoming a reality! There’s just one little issue…

Also, we could also be close to full online gambling regulation in the state of Massachusetts!

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Gambling News from Nevada and Illinois

We have great news out of the state of Nevada this week!

Electronic Sports (eSports) betting will be legal and regulated starting July 1st!

Also, the state of Illinois made a surprise move when their senate passed an online gambling and fantasy sports bill!

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New Jersey Sports Betting: The “Nuclear” Option

New Jersey’s bid to regulate sports betting has hit another major setback.

The Solicitor General has decided to not recommend the case to the US Supreme Court, and it appears they will not even listen to their argument.

However, the good news is that we’re not out of options just yet.

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Will US Fantasy Regulations Bring Sports Betting Reform?

Many states have passed Fantasy Sports regulations in recent years, and may more states have legislation in place to follow suit.

Now, some believe this could be a pathway to sports betting reform in America!

Also, there are some changes at Amaya Gaming, and J.Todd’s cat makes a cameo.

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The American Sports Betting Situation

There is a lot of talk about legalizing sports betting in the US, but we’re a long way from making that a reality.

However, public opinion seems to be in our favor, and the state of New Jersey is leading the charge to charge the laws!

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Sheldon Adelson’s Failing Grade for his Online Gambling Ban

This week in gambling, we’re looking at Sheldon Adelson’s failed crusade against online gambling.

This includes states pursuing i-gaming regulations and his competition launching real money gambling websites.

Plus, we’ve not even mentioned his hypocrisy and internal problems!

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No Online Poker for California in 2017

We’re barely in to May, and already the online poker question in California is dead for the year.

In fact, the situation is so bad it looks as if they plan to scrap the entire legislation and start over.

Also, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions will meet with Nevada Governor Sandoval.

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Online Gambling Problems, Retirements and Celebrations!

Pennsylvania has been trying regulate online gambling for several years.

Now that they are close to getting a bill passed, a few senators are trying to throw a wrench into the plans.

Also, a key online gambling opponents is retiring from politics, and Trump talks sports betting!

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Black Friday Poker Payments… After Six Years

Six years after the U.S. Department of Justice took down major online poker sites, many players are still waiting to get their money on deposit returned.

This week it was announced that customers may not have to wait much longer for monies from Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet.

We also take a humorous look (matter of opinion) at some breaking fantasy sports news.

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Online Gambling Becomes a States’ Rights Issue

The fight over online gambling has been a long and interesting one.

Now, however, as more and more states regulate the industry, the fight has taken a turn toward becoming a states’ rights issue.

We’re also covering news from Atlantic City and online poker.

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The Future of Sports Betting in the U.S.

Baseball season is underway, and millions of Americans will be betting on the games this season.

However, even as the NFL votes to send the Raiders to Las Vegas, Commissioner Roger Goodell still maintains the league is opposed to sports betting reform in America.

Also, we must say goodbye to the popular Marvel Comics super hero slots from Playtech.

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