Choosing the Best Online Bookie for You

If you are a newbie in the world of sports betting, there is one crucial thing you should know before you start betting, and that is that there are no two bookmakers that are the same.

This guide’s purpose is to help new punters familiarize themselves in this brave new world and give them the tools to choose a trustworthy site that fully suits their gambling needs. In this article, you will learn what are all of the steps of the sign-up process, how to start betting as well as how to withdraw your winnings.

TRBS have more than 50 years of sports-betting experience and have placed bets in every legal online bookmaker. You should keep in mind that the web offers a lot of casino and sportsbook reviews, but the more recommended websites there are, finding the best betting site becomes harder.

The reviews that are compiled in the link above are completely trustworthy and the sites they recommend all have differences, some of which are subtle and others not. One of the main things you should look for is the types of bonuses that are being offered, as this is usually one of the main differences. Other things that differ from one site to another are the ease of deposits and withdrawals and how the bookmaker sets their odds. You have to understand those differences in order to choose the best site for you.

How do Bookmakers Differ from One Another

Online bookmakers have to adhere to identical regulations. Thus, in specific areas, they cannot differentiate from their rivals. For example, it does not matter which bookmaker you go to, you have to provide similar personal details when you are signing up and withdrawing. However, before you decide which bookie to join, you will get your initial peek of how sites can differ by checking out the type of the sign-up bonuses that they offer. Most sportsbooks offer some type of promotion to attract new users, but it is quite rare to see two websites that are offering the same welcome bonus.

Of course, there are other crucial aspects of bookies that you will notice differ from one site to another. We have compiled a list of them:

  • The odds for the games.
  • The range of available prop bets.
  • The mobile betting availability.
  • The customer service availability.
  • The speed in which the odds get posted.
  • The payment methods.
  • Other betting options like horse racing and casino games.
  • The interface’s user-friendliness.
  • The promotions that are available after signing up.
  • The processing speed of deposits and withdrawals.
  • The number of games and sports you can bet on.

To find the best bookmaker for you, first you have to figure out what you value. There are punters who prefer a straightforward site to be without any whistles and bells. Others only care about getting the best possible odds. Some bettors want to make exotic wagers such as 12-team parlays. Others are more concerned with getting their winnings faster. So, when you choose a bookmaker, it is critical to understand your habits and values.

If you are the type of person who loves getting the VIP treatment and wants to feel pampered with constant perks, you should consider that as a crucial aspect. Or you might be looking for a site that caters to the people who like betting on the underdogs. It is important to know what you want so you can find the bookie that suits you best.

How Do TopRatedBettingSites Rate Online Bookies?

The people who love betting need simple and straightforward advice on where to place their wagers. As we mentioned earlier, there are no two bookmakers that are the same, and finding the best for you depends solely on what you are looking to get from your betting experience. The site that is mentioned in the title of this section wants to allow new punters to get the basics without having to go through the trial and error system. The fact that a site’s homepage looks good does not mean that they will fulfill their promises or that their customer service is good. Their reviews set out how the different bookies approach things such as deposit methods and bonuses, and they specify in detail how they differ from one another and allow new punters to make an informed decision on which one to choose.

The other main reason why they review bookies is to separate the trustworthy from the shady ones.

These experts spend a lot of time using a vast variety of websites, so they are able to go through the unreliable ones and focus on the ones that meet the customers’ expectations.

  • If a site wants to be considered as a trustworthy one it must:
  • Provide payouts at a quick pace
  • Offer attainable promotions and bonuses
  • Honor the placed wagers
  • Handle the users’ personal information and funds in a secure manner
  • Have knowledgeable customer supper that can resolve any issue

The experts at TRBS pride themselves with how thoroughly they vet bookmakers as well as finding the next big thing especially for you.

How Do Their Ratings Work?

The above-mentioned site’s detailed reviews rate sportsbooks on a scale of 1 to 10. However, they don’t just give you the final number, they break down all the pros and cons of the sites so that you can make the final decision yourself. Some of the subcategories they focus on are:

  • Banking
  • Promotions and bonuses
  • Features of the sportsbook
  • Customer service

By rating these integral components as well as many more, the final percentage has a solid foundation by which are the truly exceptional bookmakers from the average. You should keep in mind that the top experts in the industry use these sites and are completely confident that the highest rated ones are the best choices overall. However, if you have more specific needs, you should dive deeper to find the website that best suits your personal needs.