Colombia Set to Block Over 300 Online Gaming Sites

The Colombian Gaming Control Board (Coljuegos) is currently waiting for the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications and the police to enforce the blocking of around 300 gaming websites which currently offer their services locally.

Among the sites which the government plans to block are PokerStars, bwin, Bet365, Playbet, Foxfoxbet, Betmotion and Casinobet365. According to the board online gaming laws will be toughened after legislation was passed in 2015 and 2016. Operators offering their services locally will now have to meet with a number of requirements including the obligation to pay a licensing fee of $600m pesos and must meet with a number of other strict legal and financial requirements as well.

According to local sources the government believes that while a number of operators could change domain name a number of sites could soon fall in with the new requirements so that they will be able to continue to offer their services locally.

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