Could RAWA Change the U.S. Constitution?

Adelson AssThe right to bear arms, a part of the U.S. constitution that has seen much controversy over the years, may be in jeopardy in the event that Sheldon Adelson’s, Restoration of the American Wire Act (RAWA), successfully passes as a federal law, according the publication, New American.

Adelson’s, RAWA, aims to overturn single state laws regarding internet gambling, and New American suggests that if it were to be placed into effect, it would violate states’ rights according to the constitution, which may, in turn, then affect the federal government to limit or potentially prohibit arms and ammunition sales. It appears that the Gun Owners of America are on board with New American arguments, and a spokesperson for the organization stated in a radio interview, “Some conservatives, such as [Representative] Jason Chaffetz of Utah, say ‘Let’s regulate online gambling on the internet’.

This legislation is being pushed by the bricks and mortar gambling people, led by Sheldon Adelson of Las Vegas, who don’t want online gambling because they want people coming to their casinos.”

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