DFS Heading to the UK: A New Era for British Betting

Fantasy 2News broke recently that DraftKings, the US daily fantasy sports (DFS) operator, has opened up a new office in London in order to take advantage of its new gaming licence. Daily fantasy sports betting has become a booming industry in the US in recent months and now the industry is looking towards the UK.

As it stands, the DFS market is generating more than $2.5 billion each year in the US and when the main players begin to migrate over to the UK that figure will increase dramatically. Naturally, as DFS become more of a “thing” in the UK, sports fans will start to look at the betting genre as a way to make some serious money.

A Natural Complement to Traditional Sports Betting

Of course, while there is little chance that DFS will replace traditional sports betting in the UK, it could become a great complement to the industry and give punters even more ways to make money. If this is true, then those wanting to make money will need to expand their repertoire of skills and that means expanding their knowledge base.

One of the best ways to find out the latest information about a chosen sport is to head directly to the odds source. For example, if you wanted to indulge in some FA Cup betting on bet365, then it makes sense to head over to the site’s news section. Within this portal you’ll find a rundown of the day’s latest news alongside a bevy of reactions and options from designated experts.

Getting Your Information Direct from the Source

Although you should always get your news from a range of sources and take in a range of viewpoints, there’s no doubt that getting your data from a betting source is a solid idea. So, if this is true, then it will also be true that sports bettors looking to get into the DFS arena can use the same strategy. By tracking the season through betting operators, DFS players should be able to stay on top of the latest stats and, therefore, increase their overall expectation.

Obviously, another route to success in the sports betting and DFS worlds is bankroll management. Using the same skills you’d use in the casino realm, it’s possible to limit your risk while optimising your moneymaking abilities.

DFS a Welcome Addition to UK Betting Scene

Overall, leaving betting strategy and tactics aside, the news that the major DFS players are now heading over to the UK is great news for British punters. The market is currently buzzing with betting options of all shapes and sizes. Indeed, from bingo and blackjack to poker and sports betting, there really is no better time to ante-up and make some serious cash as a British punter.

Although it could be argued the market doesn’t need the DFS industry, there’s no doubt the market is ripe for it and, if current options are anything to go by, then latest addition to the sports betting industry should become a major hit.