Fantasy Soccer Betting in the UK

Fantasy Soccer has grown massively over the last decade, with millions of virtual managers investing time pondering over their starting line-ups in order to win valuable points. Many turn to stats or the formbook to help make their final decision – something which could actually pay-off in soccer betting too.

Of course, knowing which players or teams are in good form certainly provides a solid base on which to make a bet. However, everything can be made that much simpler by heading over to – a site offering a mathematically-proven way to win money whatever the outcome of a bet.

Soccer is by far the most-followed sport in the United Kingdom, and the most betted on by a distance. Yet over the past years, fantasy soccer betting has become increasingly popular. Whilst such sites are legal for all residents of the UK, as well as any international resident that can legally gamble online, they remain prohibited for US citizens due to jurisdiction and tax purposes.

Various newspapers and websites, including The Telegraph, Premier Punt and Fantasy Bet, have taken advantage of the surge in interest in fantasy soccer in the UK– capitalising on it by offering users the chance to make money at the same time.

These sites have both fixed and customisable settings for all experience levels and a multitude of interactive features – each site with their own particularities. Within the cash games, you can choose if you want to play against one person – known as a head-to-head match – or you can play against a group of contestants in a league type setting.

Head-to-head matches will always be a winner takes all payout system, whereas league matches and tournaments vary in payout differences. For example, you can choose a system that doubles up the top finishers, a progressive percentage payout or you could simply opt for a winner takes all. You often see the progressive payouts in the bigger tournaments or leagues. Whilst most sites only offer weekend match-ups, Premier Punt offers both daily and weekly games. For the daily ones, you have to form a team from 11 players featuring in matches on that day only.

Whilst fantasy soccer betting does exist in the US, there are far less possibilities than in the UK. Nevertheless, as the popularity of soccer in the US increases – perhaps even more so if the USMNT can qualify for Russia World Cup 2018 – then there could be a proliferation of fantasy soccer betting sites across the country.