French Online Gambling: Fewer Taxes & Better Options, Please!

france french 2France needs to radically overhaul its online gambling market, according to a new study by the association representing the country’s online operators. The Association Française de Jeu en Ligne (AFJEL) has released a study of the first five years of France’s regulated online gambling market. The study credits the market with mostly achieving its primary objectives of keeping a lid on problem gambling behavior, ensuring funding for sports federations and the integrity of sporting events.

So much for the good. AFJEL spared no venom in castigating the country’s much-maligned taxation levels, which hits operators with a corporation tax of 33%, plus 9.3% of sports betting turnover and 2% of online poker cash game stakes. AFJEL can only dream that French operators were in the same boat as their UK counterparts, who have the gall to grouse about having to pay the UK’s new 15% tax on online gross gaming revenue.

AFJEL also criticized France’s limited repertoire of approved sports wagers, the lack of online casino approval and the fact that former state monopoly Pari-Mutuel Urbain continues to control 85% of online horseracing wagers.

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