GeoComply: Online Gambling Technology Works

geo complyThe regulated online poker industry in the United States has found itself in the unenviable role of being a piñata for Sheldon Adelson, his Coalition to Stop Internet Gaming, and anyone else with a fiscal or moral ax to grind against regulated online gaming.

These naysayers usually take their potshots, and aside from columnists and iGaming advocates, the regulated online gaming industry never hits back.

One person who threw a few blows recently was Lyle Beckwith, the vice president of government relations for the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS).

Beckwith penned an op-ed that graced the cyber pages of Roll Call several weeks back in which he condemned legalized online gaming (in particular, the sale of lottery tickets online) and offered up several unverified and untested accusations about the safety of the industry.

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