Global Report Calls Costa Rica a ‘Sports Betting Paradise’

costa ricaThe Costa Rica News – A detailed report released on Thursday in Paris, France, reveals that organized crime launders $140 billion annually through sports betting with 80% of transactions from illegal gambling.

The document indicates that Costa Rica is one of the world’s havens with between 250 and 500 people doing trades, while”no sports betting licenses are granted.

In fact, this activity is not legal in Costa Rica, despite past efforts that were made for taxing this activity. The bill that was under discussion, but got stuck.

The extensive document is called Integrity Protecting of Sports Competitions, and was conducted jointly by the Sorbonne University and the International Center for Sports Safety, both located in Paris, France.

The report is the result of an investigation that lasted two years and, in its main conclusions, indicates that criminal organizations launder money, mainly making bets in football and cricket.

The documentation points out that manipulation in sports competitions and gambling threatens every country and region, and other sports, such as tennis, basketball, badminton and chariot racing disciplines.

It even indicates that investigations have been done, that found sporting intrigues, for the only purpose of benefiting from illegal sports betting networks.

It mentions the case of the 14 Salvadoran players who were banned last year for life after being found guilty of involvement in match-fixing of the major representative soccer team.


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