How Bitcoin Works

bitcoinBitcoins are a form of currency which is decentralized.Decentralized form implies that this currency is not regulated by any government or any financial institution.This form of currency is very different from traditional form where you require lot of paper work in orer to open an account . Only what all you need is to establish a bitcoin wallet,that will be used by you to access your bitcoins and to transfer bitcoins to other people.


Basics To Setup An Account
To establish a bitcoin wallet you can use bitcoin broker such as Coinbase.A certified broker will help you in opening up a bitcoin wallet, after opening up you will be provided with bitcoin address which is basically a series of numbers and letters,just like your bank account nomber and you will be given a private series which will serve as your password.


How Does Bitcoin Work As An Anonymous Payment Processor
There are three basic things which you an do with Bitcoins, purchase can be made,money can be send anonymously or you can utilize it as an investment.Bitcoins as a form of payment is becoming popular with more and more merchantand they are accepting Bitcoins.You can make a purchase anonymously by using Bitcoins instead of cash.In the same way, while sending money, you do not have to submit a mountain of payment in order for you to establish a bitcoin anonymously.

Does Bitcoin Work As An Investment
The value of a Bitcoin changes from time to time, that means it is currency that fluctuates.Just to explain the concept let us assume in some particular year the average price of a botcoin was $500 per Bitcoin and it changed to $ 1000 by the end of the year.And if we assume that you had 3 bitcoins worth $1500 in the beginning of the particular year and you kept it as an investment then by the end of the year their value rose up to worth $3000.Many people use Bitcoins as a source of investment for the reason that it value changes from time to time.

Bitcoin Casino and Poker Sites
The main reason why the gambling industry has accepted bitcoin as a method of payment is its anonymity.As the transactions made by the players are anonymous both bitcoin casinos and bitcoin poker sites are reviving and offering their players to play with Bitcoins at the tables by making deposits and using their bitcoin wallet to make withdrawls and we suggest here leading bitcoin casino site for you.As the basic feature of bitcoin is its anonymity there is no possibility of government regulation and control.

How Do You Send Bitcoin
There are three things required for you to send bitcoins to any person or to make payment for any goods and services.The first thing is your bicoin address ,second is your password and the third is person’s bicoin address.Thus three pieces of information are required through your bitcoin  wallet, which are input(your address), balance(the bitcoins you are sending) and output(the person’s address who is going to receive bitcoins).