How To Pick A Reputable Online Bingo Site

bingoAny player’s worst experience would be getting ripped off from a questionable online  bingo site and there are a couple of them online. These sites would go to great extents to ensure that they appear legit and may have several sites they operate from. This may only increase their chances with unsuspecting players. Luckily there are reputable sites such as that know the online bingo industry in and out and will give you the heads up. Usually they have all the makings of a legit site and many a player can be found hard put to distinguish them. The question that we shall try to answer in this article then is; how does one identify a reputable online bingo site?

Licensing Credibility of a Bingo Site

Each site is required by law to operate only after getting clearance through licensing and a reputable legal body. The advantage of this requirement is that once a site has been licensed a player is then assured that they have all the makings of a company that is answerable somewhere; they practice due diligence and fair play.
How one may know that a site is licensed is through the license number displayed on the website, which may also include a link to the licensing body for further verification. The player can always follow through this link to verify that the chosen bingo site has indeed been duly certified.

Some online bingo sites  on the other hand, may not display any licensing details. In the event that they do, the body of authority is usually some watchdog site with not much credentials. Lately, a few websites are not displaying their license details. Below are a few of the the recognised legitimate local authorities.

  • Isle of man Gambling Supervision Authority
  • Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta
  • Gibraltar Licensing Authority
  • Alderney Gambling Control Authority
  • UK Gambling Commission


Bingo Sites That Use Too Much Self Praise  

Most questionable online bingo sites tend to overplay on self-praise without online review sites vouching for them. The idea is to make you believe, and this is because they have nothing tangible to offer for credit that they are the best. For instance, a site which boasts of being the best on the market but having only a year or two’s experience on that market, is a cause for further digging.

Non -Transparent and Flexible payment Terms

Some online bingo sites will hide important fine print aspects on the terms and conditions page. This will usually be important information about bonuses, wagering requirements and about winnings and withdrawals. The obvious reason is so that you blindly play only to be faced with the small hidden excerpt on a dispute. Any site that does not clearly display all its terms and conditions – even the seeming nasty ones – is a no zone.

Additionally, you will find that these sites will have very limited payment options with even more limited pay out conditions. These may be stringent to the point that you get to lose several dollars simply from processing a withdrawal transaction. A credible site offers a wide range of easy and flexible payout options.

Before jumping in to the pool of players that have been fleeced off from questionable online bingo sites, try these self-help tips first.