Is Legal Online Poker coming to a state near you?

online poker gambling4Flush – Legal online poker is currently available in three US states, Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey, and it may soon be coming to a state near you thanks to the 2011 reversal of their interpretation of the Wire Act –after declaring the Wire Act applied to all forms of online gambling back in 2002, the DOJ now feels it only applies to sports-betting.

This new interpretation opened the door for states to pass online gambling legislation, and with the federal government unlikely to take action either way, it appears online gambling will be left up to each state for the time being, and likely in perpetuity as it’s hard to put the toothpaste back in the tube, or in this case tell New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware, “Sorry you spent millions in setting this up but we’re going to go ahead and ban this now.”

Armed with the DOJ’s new opinion, at least half a dozen states from California to Massachusetts have begun the process and are currently looking into online gambling expansion, especially when it comes to real money online poker.

Despite all of the expansion and expansion talk the general population is still largely unaware that online poker has returned to the United States and it has returned in a completely legal and regulated package.