Italy loses most through gambling in the EU

Italy ItalianWest – Italians are the second in the world for money lost in gambling in relation to the per capita income: $400 each per year. Preceded only by the Australians with $795. Who, it must be said, on average earn far more than Italians. This is the result of analysis from the President of the Association “Centro Sociale Papa Giovanni XXIII” and explained in a video. Starting from the amount bet by Italian citizens in 2013 (€84.7 billion) and subtracting what returned into their pockets in the form of winnings (€67.6 billion), it has been found the total loss: €17.1 billion ($23 billion). A figure that ranks Italy fourth in the global classification, first in Europe and among the only countries of the world that spend, and lose, more than $10 billion a year in gambling. First position, in this case, for the United States with $119 billion. Followed by China ($76 billion) and Japan ($31 billion).