Just a few days to the Grand National

The Grand National is without a doubt the sports event everyone is waiting for in the United Kingdom. It´s also a few great days to gamble, since the festival includes a few more races aside of the main event, that will take place on Saturday 8th of April, only a few days from now. In short words, this race is a long race (a little more than four miles) that includes fences, and it´s by far one of the most extenuating races of the World. The last 200 meters will get your heart pounding hard, because that last effort sometimes means winning it all.

This race is so contested, because the 40 horses racing are equated by a handicap system, which employs a ranking system to determine how much weight a horse will carry during the Grand National. This way, a horse that had a great year in the diverse competitions of the United Kingdom, will have to do a greater effort in the big race, as the one that had a bad year, or those new comers, will have it easier. That causes to have such great endings, the best horses are real tired by the end of the race, as there´s others that still “pack a punch”, by carrying the least weight.

This is the reason behind the fact that some horses with low weight pay so much, it´s quite unpredictable, but if you manage to hit one of those, you might call that your day.  Still, this isn´t all random, the best horses are so for a reason, so in this race the experts and most of the online gambling sites agree that Cause of Causes might have a great race this year. The stakes are high, so discover the best in virtual horse racing betting at William Hill. That is so, because the horse is the double winner of the Cheltenham Festival and it has shown great stamina in every race it took part in 2017. Another horse with great chances is The Last Samuri, it ended second in the last Grand National and sure has grown a lot in the last year.