Korean Bitcoin Gambling Site Seeks Asian Customers

bitcoinCoin Desk – A new bitcoin gambling site has opened for beta testing, specifically targeting customers in the Asia region.

Based in South Korea, Satoshinori.com is available in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and English.

It features an array of multi-player games including Seven Card Poker, Texas Hold-em and Matgo, plus simpler web based games like Rock Paper Scissors, Riding Ladder and Mine Sweeper. More are due to arrive in future.

Satoshinori’s operator said the site is produced by a leading Korean game publishing company, with emphasis on fair games, low fees and security.

The site itself says:“All customers’ deposited Bitcoins are stored securely with the safest and most qualified methods. Also, world renowned web engineers are participating to protect this site from hackings and DDOS cyber attacks.”

Bitcoin deposit and withdrawal addresses change with every transaction to add an extra layer of anonymity for users.

Satoshinori provides a list of bitcoin exchanges available in most countries for those acquiring bitcoins for the first time.


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