Las Vegas High Roller Joins “Mile High Club”

sexy 3A couple found themselves behind bars after police say they tried to join the Vegas version of the mile high club on the Las Vegas Strip.

KTNV’s Bryan Callahan reports that Chloe Scordianos and Philip Panzica III are both facing felony charges after police say they were caught on camera getting frisky on the High Roller Ferris Wheel.

According to court documents, it was security personnel who first noticed the couple smoking and undressing. The employees used an intercom to ask the couple to stop.

The report says… “they stopped momentarily, complying with the request before continuing to undress as they were before.”

Security cameras weren’t the only cameras aimed at the pair, with a security guard saying she noticed all the amorous activity got the attention of passengers in a neighboring cabin.

The report says “the guests in cabin 15 not only noticed but were video recording the acts.”

The officer says the couple told them they were just having a good time and didn’t think anyone would notice.

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