Las Vegas Raiders Getting Closer to Reality

NFLMark Davis, the owner of the Oakland Raiders, says that market research studies are being conducted by the team to gather information about relocating the team from Oakland, California to Las Vegas.

At the NFL owners meeting Tuesday, Davis said that the initial reports from the studies have come back “positive” regarding the feasibility of the move. Davis wants to move the NFL team to Vegas after not being able to get a satisfactory stadium deal in Oak Town. He said, “I have given my commitment to Las Vegas and if they can get done what they’re talking about doing, then we will go to Las Vegas,” according to the Las Vegas Sun.

In April, Davis spoke in front of the stadium commission and said he was committed to moving the team to the city of Las Vegas in addition to offering $500 million to be used in the construction of the $1.4 billion stadium that would become the team’s new home. During the meeting, Davis spoke about building on the legacy of his father Al Davis and giving a new stadium to the team that would compare to the teams of the NFL with deeper pockets. No timetable for the potential move was given by Davis, who said it was up to the legislative process.

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