Michigan Ready to “Take On The Government” Over Sports Betting

The Michigan state lawmaker who recently reintroduced a bill to legalize sports betting said he is optimistic for his chances of his bill to become law, although it may not happen in 2017.

“I understand the federal law prohibits [sports] gambling, but I am the kind of guy that’s willing to take on the government,” state Rep. Robert Kosowski told Legal Sports Report in an interview. Currently a federal law — PASPA — prevents single-game sports betting outside of Nevada while also allowing limited forms of wagering in three other states.

This week, Kosowski again introduced a bill that would allow his state’s casinos to take sports bets.That bill got a committee hearing in 2015, but didn’t reach the finish line. Kosowski said the reasons why he is pushing the bill this year remain the same, and they are practical in terms of revenue and policy.

Kosowski said the state has recently found more ways to charge its residents, including a gas tax that puts Michigan among the highest in the nation. Kosowski believes sports betting would be a good revenue stream for the state.

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