Mr. Green Leading Push to Make Mobile Gaming More Secure

If you read John Biggs’ recent article on Internet security and the outlook 2017, you’ll know that mobile
devices are being seen as the next frontier. In his article for TechCrunch, Biggs outlined the recent rise of
smartphones and their obvious benefits, but pointed out that developers need to do more to protect us.

“This is the year of mobile security and I’d like to see what the companies exhibiting at MWC are going
to do to protect us at borders, on the street, and at home,” wrote Biggs.

Pointing to the Internet of Things (IoT) as the latest weak link in the mobile chain, the tech expert
believes that now is the time for security to become a priority. Up until this point, functionality and
usability has been the focus of every app developer out there. However, if we’re going to increase
connectivity through IoT and put even more of our lives on our handsets, security needs to improve.

Mobile Devices Drive an Increase in DDoS Attacks

In fact, a recent report appears to support Biggs’ claims. According to the Akamai, DDoS attacks were up
in the fourth quarter of 2016 because of IoT. Vulnerable devices, which include routers, webcams and
mobiles, have given hackers easy access to IoT servers and that’s allowed them to launch more DDoS
attacks than they did in 2015.

As per Akamai’s State of the Internet / Security Report, DDoS attacks were up 4% year-over-year thanks,
in part, to unsecured IoT. Naturally, for members of the iGaming community, the idea that mobile gaming
might not be as secure as we’d like is obviously an issue. With the stats showing the mobile gaming is
now a greater revenue driver than PC gaming ($36.9 billion vs. $31.9 billion), betting on the go is now a
natural state of affairs.

iGaming Industry Responds

Fortunately, the top operators seem to be responding. In 2016, Mr.Green won two Gaming Awards for its
mobile app. Available for both iOS and Android, the casino and sports betting apps received critical
acclaim for their overall package and innovation. One of the main reasons Mr Green’s software was voted
Best Casino App of the Year and Most Innovative App was because of its security features.

As part of its licensing conditions with the UK Gambling Commission, Mr Green has only partnered with
established payment processors. From Visa and MasterCard to Skrill and Neteller, players can now make
mobile deposits with the same SSL encryption as they would via their desktop. Additionally, anyone that
downloads the iOS software via Apple’s App store will benefit from Touch ID logins. Instead of relying on passwords that could easily be compromised, players can now use their fingerprints to unlock the app.

Mr Green Leading the Way for Mobile Casino App Developers

Naturally, this is not only great for keeping your account safe in the event of losing your device, but it
helps to improve its overall efficiency. Instead of wasting time typing in a case-sensitive password, a
simple touch of the home button will link to Apple Touch ID and open your account. With gaming on the
go being all about ease and speed, this feature is extremely handy and, moreover, one of the reasons
Mr Green was named a mobile master in 2017.

As we move further into 2017 and beyond, there’s no doubt mobile gaming is going to become an even
bigger part of the industry. As this becomes the case, the way we protect ourselves from the elements will
become more important and, as Biggs has pointed out, it’s time for developers to step up. Operators like
Mr Green already appear to be doing that, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. As more companies
innovate and our needs change, we should expect to see even more neat features being added to our
mobile casinos in the near future.