NBA to Congress: Regulate Sports Betting

The NBA appears to be ready to lobby Congress to legalize and regulate sports betting in the US, a shift in the pro basketball league’s public stance from just a year ago.

The NBA publicly talked about its intent to lobby Congress for the “federal framework” it has long espoused at the Sports Betting USA conference that is taking place in New York City this week.

Here’s a synopsis of what NBA Senior Vice President and Assistant General Counsel Dan Spillane said: “We have advisors in DC & legislation we’re pulling together with our commissioner who jump started the conversation – members of Congress will be more receptive after the @scotus decision”

That’s a big change in policy from just a year ago, when the NBA said it supported federal regulation of sports betting but would not directly advocate for it. Earlier this year, Spillane said there was “forward motion” for legal sports betting in the US.

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