Nevada governor skeptical about betting on elections

Vegas 1Las Vegas Sun – Gov. Brian Sandoval isn’t sold on allowing Nevada to become the first state to permit betting on the presidential and other federal elections.

“As I think through it, unless I’m convinced otherwise, it is not something I would support,” Sandoval said today.

He described himself as “more of a traditionalist” when it comes to betting. “The state has done fine on sports and horse race betting and other events,” he said.

The governor hasn’t taken a public position on the issue until now.

State Sen. Tick Segerblom, D-Las Vegas, is pushing a proposal to open up wagering on presidential elections and said he was a “little surprised” at the governor’s statements.

He said he would be talking to Sandoval about the issue. His proposal, he said, has gained a lot of attention nationally and the focus would be on Nevada if it permitted elections betting.

Wagering on the presidential election is permitted in England and with off-shore gambling operations, Segerblom said.