New Esports Athletic Training Facility?

Is esports competition considered athletic competition? Many would argue that playing video games is not an athletic activity and some would claim to not care one way or the other. Apart from playing video games, internet also offers online casino games which are becoming more and more popular these days. You can play more than 700 casino games on 7sultans in different categories. You can play 7 sultans casino flash games for best online casino experience.Happy Walters of Catalyst Sports & Media and Chad Faulkner of Sports Academy care much more about the question than most.

Each Walters and Faulkner would answer in the affirmative and tell you that not only are esports players athletes, but they deserve a training regimen crafted specifically for their needs — a strong core, perfect posture, hand-eye coordination, and strong forearms, hands, wrists and fingers. Additionally, professional gamers should be training with cardiovascular exercises, focusing on nutrition and partaking in cryotherapy, according to Walters.

 “These guys aren’t going and doing a bench press. They’re doing things that are helping them in specific areas,” added Walters.

Walters, the sports and entertainment entrepreneur who represents future NBA lottery pick De’Aaron Fox, realizes that as the esports industry continues to grow, the key individuals — the gamers themselves — are not receiving the necessary training to compete at a maximum level. He reached out to his neighbor Faulkner and discussed the idea of creating a facility solely dedicated to training esports competitors.

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