New Jersey Attorney General Blocks Gaming Affiliates

New jerseyPoker Addict – Several regulated online gambling industry members have expressed to me that the affiliate arrangement in New Jersey was not working. The main complaint is that some affiliates that are promoting New Jersey sites are also advertising offshore sites on the same pages and websites. Some in the regulated New Jersey online gaming market believe that this is unfair competition from illegal sites and want to put an end to it.

Gambling911 first reported what had been rumored for weeks. The New Jersey Attorney General’s office would start to enforce the promotion of offshore sites and affiliates could become targets of state law enforcement, according to this report. Online Poker Report obtained the letter sent to one large online poker affiliate.

New Jersey’s online gaming revenue numbers have fallen below estimates. One reason often cited for this is the existence of offshore sites still operating in the market.

Last week, the Winning Poker Network left New Jersey, as well as Delaware and Nevada. These three states are the only ones with regulated online gaming.

In emails to players, Winning Poker cited the existence of regulated online poker as the reason for leaving the market. A few players in these states quickly reported that they were advised by the network to change their state in the system. This would allow them to continue playing. There are still several unlicensed U.S.-facing sites that are happy to accept action from players in regulated states.


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