NFL Week 1 in review: Did the odds makers get it right?

The first week of the 2017 NFL season is officially over and we’ll check out if the odds makers in Las Vegas got it right with their picks. We started the season with a huge surprise, but the rest of the games were very interesting as well.

How did you do with your own predictions? NFL Football Scores and Odds will always be a hot topic and here we’ll see what happened.

So let’s see the week in review:

In the first game of the week Kansas City surprised everyone and beat the champions New England Patriots 42-27. The odds in this game favored the east coast powerhouse (-7), so that was a huge miss for the odds makers and a total shocker.

In Sunday’s games the Philadelphia Eagles topped the Washington Redskins (-2.5), the birds were underdogs and managed to get a comfortable 30-17 win in D.C, so the odds makers missed in this one too. Close by in the East Coast the New Jets paid the Buffalo Bills (-5.5) a visit and the Green Gang was beaten 21-12, the first victory for the odds makers and by a good margin.

The AFC West Champions, the Oakland Raiders paid a visit to the Tennessee Titans (-1) and came out on top 26-16 in a game where the Raider defense dominated, third miss for the odds makers. The Houston Texans (-4) hosted the Jacksonville Jaguars and were defeated 27-9 in a monumental miss for Las Vegas. The Detroit Lions (-3) did make the odds makers look good with their beating of the Arizona Cardinals at home by a 35-23 final score.

The Atlanta Falcons (-6) survived in a closer than expected game against the Chicago Bears in Soldier Field 23-17, in our first push of the season. The Baltimore Ravens shut out the Cincinnati Bengals (-1.5) 20-0 and made Andy Dalton look like Scott Tolzien, huge miss for the odds makers. The Steelers (-8.5) did get the win, but it was very close against the Cleveland Browns, the game ended 21-18 and the odds makers missed again.

In Los Angeles the Rams ripped apart the Luck less Indianapolis Colts (-3) in a game that ended 46-9, this was one of biggest surprises of the week because of the lopsided of the score. Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers (-4) schooled the San Francisco 49ers with a 23-3 whipping in Santa Clara. In of the most boring games of the week the Packers (-3) beat the Seahawks in Lambeau Field 17-9, the odds makers got this one right.

The Cowboys (-5.5) started their season with a huge win over division rivals, the New York Giants, with a final score of 19-3. In Monday’s games the Vikings (-3.5) beat the Saints 29-19, and the Broncos (-3.5) defeated the Chargers in Denver.

The final score was odds maker misses: eight, correct predictions: five, and one push. It was not a good day if you are a bookkeeper, but you can become a better bookie by offering premier services and better odds to your customers and making their betting experience better than today.