NHL: Expanded Sports Betting has No Impact on Player Integrity

NHLGary Bettman, commissioner of North America’s National Hockey League (NHL), has allayed fears over the impact an expanded sports betting market in the US could have on professional athletes.

Speaking in an interview on Sportsnet’s Brady & Walker show, Bettman said that if sports wagering were to become more widespread in the US, this would not impact the integrity of players.

A number of high-profile individuals from both the sports and gambling sectors have called for the market to be expanded to allow both industries to benefit from revenue that would be generated from wagering activities.

Adam Silver, commissioner of North America’s National Basketball League, is one of the key figures behind this effort, having outlined the heavy financial benefits such a move could mean for the league.

Nevada is currently the only state in which punters can legally wager on sporting activities.

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