Nine States for Online Gambling in 2017

US Gaming 4State lawmakers across the country are busy putting the finishing touches on bills before the end of the current legislative sessions, so they can head back home and start campaigning for reelection.

Those priorities have seen a dwindling number of states that still have a chance to pass an online gambling bill in 2016. The list of potential iGaming candidates is currently down to just three, with only one state, Pennsylvania, instilling supporters of legalized online gambling with any semblance of optimism.

In fact, online gambling looks rather promising in PA, as the state legislature has included online gambling revenue in its budget projections. That said, things could still fall apart, considering the legislature has put off a vote on the gaming reform bill itself until the fall.

If, as expected, Pennsylvania legalizes online gambling this year, the stage will be set for a flurry of activity in states across the country next year. Pennsylvania could act as the catalyst for a Gladwellian “tipping point” for online gambling legalization in the United States.

In addition to the likely carryover states of California, New York, and perhaps Michigan, I also expect several new candidates to emerge.

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