Online casino winner hits the jackpot with spending nothing

slot slotEvery once in a while, miracles can happen. At least, that is what the majority of people who spend their hard earned money gambling online want to believe. With stories like this, it becomes increasingly hard to fault them for that belief.

You could try a game like Terminator 2 online slot or Pyramid: Quest for Immortality, but why invest in the start up for the chance to play those games when you can win with zero investment like one clever player by the name of Katherine from the UK did?

Gaming the System

What Katherine and many other frequenters of online casinos know is that many online casinos allow you free spins and turns to try and earn a bit on house money. Only, in her case, it was not just a bit, but a healthy sum of £1,200 in cold hard cash… all without spending a pence

The fact of the matter is that there are many top UK Casinos that can be found at sites like If anyone wants to repeat this strategy, they would first have to find a similarly generous offer to play with a bit of house money, then get lucky over and over again on consecutive bets.

On a non-descript weekend in April, the Mersyside resident logged in, and with her five free spins on the site’s slot called Neon Staxx, spun her way to a small fortune. As a first time player, she was entitled to 40 spins. As a result of the outrageously positive publicity from this story, the site has upped the ante to 100 free spins for one day only.

The Aftermath

There is no word yet on what Katherine will spend her hard earned winnings on, but you can be sure she is thankful to the site. As country manager of the European company, Greg Tatton-Brown said, ‘we’re thrilled to be able to show our players that they can win big – for little to no money at all.’ Reiterating their winning policy, Tatton-Brown added that “we want to thank our players for choosing to have a good time on our site – and free daily spins are one excellent way we’re able to do that.”

The moral of the story? You too can win big with a little bit of luck and tenacity!