Online Gambling Trends To Look For

up and downWith the availability of technology around the world spreading it has become easier to gamble than ever before. The trends in online gaming and gambling have been slowly changing over the years. The apps and mobile technology available today can make placing a bet as easy as a few swipes of a smartphone screen. The following are just a few of the trends you should watch out for in the coming year.

Mobile Could Become King
Online gambling has become more accessible now than it has ever been in the past. The days of having to wait until getting home to get on the computer to gamble are over as smartphones have the capabilities of computers. Around 180 million people place bets on their mobile device each year. Casinos that do not have apps or do not have their sites optimized for mobile users could be missing out on millions of dollars per year. While moving to mobile it is important to make sure your mobile app or mobile website is secure as security in payment and on the site is paramount to have those who visit feel confident putting their information into the site.

Social Gambling Will Rise
Many people remember the days where Candy Crush notifications were blowing up everyone’s Facebook feed. The use of social media and online gambling will continue to increase. Playing at a casino online could be easy in the future and connect social media so friends can bet over a secure platform. While this is years away and legalization of gambling in certain countries has to come first this could be the future of online gambling. This could be especially great for those diehard fans that like to argue via Facebook or Twitter to put their money where their mouth is.

Worldwide Regulation
The online gaming community has been notoriously difficult to regulate as cryptocurrencies and hidden websites have been available for quite a long time. With certain states in the US allowing online gambling like New Jersey regulation is only a little bit away. Europe still remains the wild west of online gambling with very little regulation. Online gaming and betting has come to the forefront of the news with FanDuel being disputed in many states with winnings and the site being frozen to people from certain locations. The tax revenue on gambling online could be vast so look for more places to regulate and legalize online gambling.

Free 2 Play
The trend of online casinos offering free to play games to website visitors is growing. This is a great business model because certain people might see that they are proficient at a game and could start playing for real money. This also gives the player the opportunity to see if they just enjoy playing the game or it is winning the money that gives them the rush and enjoyment. Each person is different so gambling online might not be for everyone but the desire to play a game of poker against others for free might be attractive to some.

The online gambling community is growing throughout the world and developing right before our eyes. It is essential to stay ahead of the curve and stay informed about the happenings as they could directly impact your gameplay. Exciting things are coming in the online gambling marketplace, so stay tuned!