Online Poker Fails in New York Again

After a lot of hope and optimism, online poker will not even be considered by the state Assembly of New York this year.

Not all was lost, however, as the state of Vermont has become the 13th state to regulate fantasy sports.

We also have gambling news from New Jersey and the U.K.

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New York Assembly Folds Online Poker for 2017

Those hoping that New York will legalize online poker this year shouldn’t bet on it. Though the Senate recently passed the bill, Assembly Democrats, who discussed the issue behind closed doors last week, are not expected to take it up before the legislative session’s scheduled end Wednesday. “There was some opposition; we’ll pick it up…

AGA Goes After Federal Sports Betting Ban

The casino industry’s largest lobbying group in the U.S. is ramping up its efforts to repeal a 25-year-old federal law that bans sports betting in most states. The American Gaming Association on Monday announced the creation of a coalition involving organizations of attorneys general and police, policymakers and others to advocate for the repeal of…

Fantasy Sports Now Legal in Vermont

Governor of Vermont, Phil Scott, has finally signed a bill that legalises and regulates daily fantasy sports (DFS) activity in the state. With this new approval, the number of states that offer DFS in the country rises to 12. Back in May, it was reported that Vermont had been approved by both the Senate and…

New York Online Poker is So Close!

This week we’re looking at the latest online poker bill in New York state, and how close it is to becoming a reality! There’s just one little issue…

Also, we could also be close to full online gambling regulation in the state of Massachusetts!

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