PartyPoker Out of Czech Republic Amid New Regulations

Thursday was not a particularly fun day for partypoker customers in the Czech Republic. Envisioning a fun – and hopefully profitable – session of online poker, players logged into their accounts only to find out that they are no longer allowed to play.

Fortunately, it was not because of anything they did wrong, but because partypoker is withdrawing, at least temporarily, from the Czech market in response to the recent changes in the country’s gambling laws.

It was Czech poker site PokerArena that first shined a light on the issue yesterday, posting a screenshot of the message players were greeted with upon trying to access the tables from the Czech Republic:

You are either registered in or logged in from a jurisdiction

where we do not allow the use of our product.

If you want more information, or want to access

your account, please contact Customer Care.


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