How Pay Per Head Agents Profit From Casino Software

For many per head agents, the online casino is an afterthought. Agents prefer to promote sports betting. The reason might be because sports betting can require a substantial investment from players. Casino players usually don’t wager as much as sports betting players.

Although true, that doesn’t mean that agents can’t profit from the online casino. There are great profits to be made from the online casino.

Online Casino is a Long Tail Business

Per Investopedia, the long tail is “a phrase coined by Chris Anderson in 2004. Anderson argued that products in low demand or with low sales volume can collectively make up a market share that rivals or exceeds the relatively few current bestsellers and blockbusters but only if the store or distribution channel is large enough.”

Long tail businesses make their money via multiple choices. The online casino is a large tail business because it allows for several different betting choices. Players can decide to wager on blackjack, roulette, or craps. There are even sub-categories of games. There is more than one offering of blackjack in most online casinos.

Individually, pay per head agents might make a single dollar on one slot machine from one player. Collectively, it all adds up to possible massive profits. 100 players at $1 per day in the online casino is $100 per day. $100 times 30 days is $3,000.

The key takeaway is that the $1 is passive income. It doesn’t cost agents much money to make the $1. Eventually, it may not cost the agent any money to make the $1. That’s the beauty of long tail businesses.

Online Casino Software Features

Getting sports bettors to play in the online casino is about ease of use. It doesn’t have much to do with promotion. The reason is because less sports betting choices, like right now, leads to more action in the online casino.

Few bettors call themselves professional casino players. Professional casino players don’t play online. That’s okay. What online casino agents want are casual casino players. They want players that don’t mind losing $5 bucks playing blackjack.

It’s imperative that casino software makes it easy for those players to play casino games. If the online casino software isn’t up to the highest standards, players won’t bother betting $1. Forget about someone playing $5.

The online casino software itself is the key to making profit. Per head agents only need to show players how easy it is to make casino wagers. Due to the low minimums, players will play in the online casino if the software allows them to easily do so. This is especially true when there aren’t many sports betting choices.