Player Data Stolen as TwoPlusTwo Hacked Again

The world’s largest online poker discussion forum, TwoPlusTwo, has again seen its virtual defenses breached. The site’s operators have confirmed that the forum was hacked at some point late in 2016, with the personal data then being offered for sale elsewhere on the Internet.

The hacking and theft of the personal information was discovered by prominent British poker pro Max Silver, who disclosed the probable leak on Twitter as well as on the TwoPlusTwo forum itself. Silver reported hearing about the leak from a friend. The hack included the theft of email addresses, IP addresses, birthday, last login date, registered date and hashed passwords, which could be de-hashed with some extra effort.

The leak was eventually confirmed by TwoPlusTwo — often referred to as 2P2 or “4” in poker circles, to have likely originated in late November, despite a tagged date of December 7th associated with the stolen data.

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