Proposal to link video games, slot machines passes Nevada committee

slotLas Vegas Sun – Allowing gambling on video game competition may be a wave of the future in Nevada. “The market is huge,” says Christopher LaPorte, owner of Insert Coins, a video arcade in downtown Las Vegas. This would be a new way to invigorate the gaming industry, he says.

A legislative study committee recommended Nevada change its law to permit the state Gaming Commission to decide on ways to expand the gaming market.

Dan Reaser, a Reno lawyer representing game manufacturers, advanced the proposal. The idea would be to allow the Gaming Commission to approve rules to permit skill-based games and also to permit casinos to give good customers a better chance to win.

Reaser explained the skill-based concept could tie video games — which require some skill — to a slot machine. The individual with the most skill would win.

Part of his proposal would allow odds to change for recognized good customers. As an example he gave a hypothetical case: A frequent player at a casino may sit two hours or more playing the slot machines. The odds are a 75 percent return on the money wagered. But recognizing the frequent player, the casino could change the odds to allow him or her to win 85 percent, he said.

State rules now require odds to win to be the same for all players. He has submitted patents on tying video games to slot machines. LaPorte said today’s 20- to 30-year-olds grew up playing video games. “It’s their lifestyle,” he said.