Sweden-based Kiggit considers real-money gaming move

Sweden 2iGaming Business – Sweden-based mobile gaming start-up Kiggit is considering a move into real-money gaming after the successful launch of a social football application.

Kiggit, which went live around one month ago, allows players to predict football matches, create social betting slips and challenge friends.

The firm is already set to introduce Kiggits, a virtual currency that can be used on the game, but is now considering the option of integrating a real-currency offering in the future.

Other features currently in development include leaderboards, live scores, in-game statistics, live betting options and a chat feature for interaction before, during and after matches.

Kiggit said that development for Android devices is due to commence in August while the concept will be able to scale up to other sports in stand-along applications.

Jakob Hagemann, chief executive officer and co-founder of Kiggit, said: “We wanted to launch ahead of the World Cup to be ready for the biggest sports event in the world.

“It is by no means the finished product, but we are extremely happy to now have live user data to work with – and reception has been really great with more than 8,000 predictions on football matches from a range of leagues made within the first month. We saw a need for fans to interact and compete around football.

“Traditionally, they may have been doing that by playing fantasy football games, put their money on matches via betting operators or an office pool, followed live scores on their mobile, and then have been communicating via Facebook or Twitter if they have not watched the matches together.

“We offer an app that will allow users to do all these things. We consider the betting industry to be bit of a sleeping giant that has overlooked a lot of the dynamics in the social gaming business to have boomed on Facebook and mobile.”


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