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Buffalo Thundering 7s Slot Machine from Aristocrat

We take a look at Aristocrat’s Buffalo Thundering 7s Slot Machine! The Buffalo slots are some of the most popular multi-reel games found in casinos.

Buffalo Thundering 7s is the first to be delivered on the new RELM stepper cabinet! This straight forward 3-Reel slot machine comes with big payouts and huge progressive jackpots. Plus, it features a Wheel mechanic for added excitement!


Aristocrat says that “…You’re bound to hear the roar of ‘Buffalo!’ echo across the gaming floor. Buffalo is a cult classic that has stampeded its way across the world, with multiple cabinet configurations and enhanced features that give players a unique playing opportunity.”

You can learn more about the Buffalo Thundering 7s Slot Machine and Aristocrat Gaming when you visit their website.

World of Wonka Slot Machine from Scientific Games

We take a look at Scientific Game’s latest edition to the Willy Wonka family! It’s the World of Wonka Slot Machine ! This slot game is not simply highly entertaining. It is an immersive player experience with charm, beauty and industry leading technology!

Scientific Games asks slot players to take a journey into Willy Wonka’s sugar-coated world in World of Wonka, showcased on the immersive Gamescape cabinet. World of Wonka is a 6-reel, 25-line game that comes with footage and music from the classic original movie! It also features a Single-level Wide-area Progressive!

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The World of Wonka Slot Machine comes with four base game features, including the Oompa Loompa Bonus, Cloning Feature, Bonus Respin and the Wonka Winko Bonus that awards players a Bonus game determined by a Gobstopper dropping down a peg board. On the way, the bouncing Gobstopper may grant bonus enhancements, such as a Double Wonka Bar, a Life Saver for the Chocolate River Bonus, Free Spins, or a Wheel Bonus.

The Gobstopper awards either the Chocolate River Bonus where players pick for credits and choose the risk level for greater rewards, the Oompa Loompa Bonus where the screen expands up to 12 columns increasing the number of paylines, or the Free Spins Bonus! At the end of each Bonus, the Golden Ticket Bonus is awarded and Wonka Bars are unwrapped for credit prizes!

IRS Abandons Ridiculous Gambling Tax Hike

American Gaming Association (AGA) President and CEO Geoff Freeman released the following statement after the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) today released its final regulation on its 2015 proposal for tax reporting of slot winnings. “Today’s final IRS regulation is a big win not only for gaming companies and millions of casino visitors, but also for…

Spin-Splosion! Slot Tournaments from IGT

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IGT shows off their new slot tournament product: Spin-Splosion! Part of their TournXtreme automated tournament solution, which includes Spinferno, the new Spin-Splosion provides tournaments in video slots!

IGT states that Spin-Splosion is “… video reel tournament solution for the CrystalDual cabinet.” Casinos can now offer slot tourneys that provide players “…a fun, upbeat carnival-themed tournament experience with real-time leaderboards and ongoing activity that inspires engagement. ”

Slot players may also be interested to know that Spin-Splosion offers blast symbols that award pachinko balls to the Blast Launcher feature. This slot bank also features a charismatic cartoon host to provide encouragement throughout tournaments, and a custom leader board to build player anticipation and increase competition!


Top Dollar Slot Machine from IGT

Our friends at IGT have improved upon a classic! Their Top Dollar Slot Machine has been a player favorite for a while, but IGT has put some new spins on the slot game!

IGT says that the Top Dollar Slot is one of their “heritage themes”, but there was a chance to make the game even more exciting and rewarding! Watch our full video review of their Top Dollar Slot Machine for details on the improvements, and to see some game

Top Dollar has a loyal slot player following, and the new slot machine has an integrated 3×17-inch touchscreen LCD in the top box, which provides player messaging and bonus prompts.

IGT also states that the Top Dollar Slot Machine comes with a “color-sequencing LED light ring in the top box” which choreographs game prompts and message displays!

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Space Invaders Skill-Based Slot Machine from Scientific Games

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We take a first look at the Space Invaders Slot Machine from Scientific Games! This is the product that won gold for “Best Slot Product” in the skill-based slot game category at the 2016 Gaming & Technology Awards!

The Space Invaders Skill-Based Slot combines all the classic 80’s arcade fun with the thrill of a real slot machine! Game play is just like a regular slot game, while players spin the reels to win prizes and accumulate awards for the bonus round.

Once at the bonus round, slot players can choose between a the luck-based or skill-based options! When a player picks the skill-based bonus, the Space Invaders Slot transforms into the classic arcade game!

Scientific Games says that the Space Invaders Skill-Based Slot Machine reflects their “…unwavering commitment to develop industry-altering ‘firsts’ for our customers, helping to drive casino revenue and create exciting and engaging new experiences for players.


Rumble Rumble Bison Slot Machine from Ainsworth

We speak with Ainsworth about their Rumble Rumble Bison Slot Machine, which is an take off of their very popular player favorite Rumble Rumble Slot. Ainsworth says that the Rumble Rumble Bison Slot Machine “…highlights the brand-new Curved Reel series…” as a “Spin Symbol” on reel 5 triggers a curved wheel above the game screen. That reel awards players with wilds!

During the Free Games feature for Rumble Rumble Bison, the bonus reel offers players wilds, multipliers, and more free games! Check out our review of the Rumble Rumble Bison Slot, see some game play and enjoy a really bad joke! You can find more about this game on the Ainsworth website.

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Simpsons Slot Machine from Scientific Games

Scientific Games has unveiled The Simpsons Slot Machine, and it’s everything you would expect! Spin the reels and follow Homer, Marge, Moe, Apu, and other Simpsons characters through a variety of scenes from the show!

The Simpsons Slot Machine is delivered on the Gamescape cabinet which features vivid, high-definition displays and a 40-inch curved top screen that surrounds the player… resulting in five unique screens with stunning graphics and seamless motion!

Scientific Games also states that the Simpsons Slot game has lighting around the edge of each display which “envelops the player”. Plus, this slot machine comes with an “integrated sound bar completes the sensory experience” and delivers game sounds in amazing 3D stereo!

Wheel of Fortune Double Diamond True 3D Slot Machine

We catch up with the good people from IGT to preview their newest Wheel of Fortune slot machine: The Double Diamond True 3D slot!

IGT says that Wheel of Fortune Double Diamond “…offers unique game merchandising, with custom trim kit, LED lit wheel surround, game controlled side lighting, and an eye-catching LCD topper and crown antler configuration…”

Wheel of Fortune Double Diamond True 3D comes in a 3X3 configuration with 5 lines and an additional fourth Bonus Reel. There are one, three and five coin options.

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark Slot Machine from Aristocrat

The Elvira, Mistress of the Dark Slot Machine from Aristocrat puts a new spin on the iconic horror hostess and celebrates her 35 years as a cultural icon of everything spooky.

Appropriately housed in the double-sized Arc Double cabinet, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark brings all of Elvira’s tongue-in-cheek charm. The Elvira Slot Machine is filled with images, sounds, and video of the Mistress herself and is a feature rich exploration of your darker side.

Cluster Power increases the ways to win, where clusters of symbols pay horizontally and vertically. Popular Reel Growth features randomly increasing symbol positions for potential big wins.

Tim McGraw Slot Machine from Aristocrat

The Tim McGraw Slot Machine is set roll out to casino floors, and Aristocrat Gaming looks to have a hit on their hands! Making it’s debut at the Global Gaming Expo in the fall of 2016, the Tim McGraw video slot comes on the Arc Double game cabinet, and features a wheel where players spin for bonuses such as “Picture Something Good” and “Growin’ Up Country”.

The Tim McGraw Slot Machine also features plenty of concert footage and big hits such as “Felt Good on My Lips” and “I Like It, I Love It”. The jackpots are even bigger, with Chart Topping Big Wins and Encore Spins! Aristocrat Gaming has done a great job for country music fans and slot enthusiasts with their Tim McGraw video slot game! They’ll be saying “Truck Yeah!” when this game hits casino floors next year!

Titanic Heart of the Ocean Slot Machine from Scientific Games

A new edition of the popular Titanic slot machine has rolled out from Scientific Games. Titanic Heart of the Ocean is on the Pro Theatre cabinet and features “…Golden Locket Free Games, and the Welcome Aboard Bonus will award players their own luck. Spin the Ships Telegraph in the Ship of Dreams Wheel Bonus for a chance to win credits, or one of the many exciting bonuses!”

The slot game garners positive reviews from the staff at NWI Times, who state Titanic Heart of the Ocean Slot has a natural attraction for slot lovers “… because of the stunning visual displays that include scenes and music from the film. The captivating interactive experience has also won over legions of video slot players in general.”

Cher Live Slot Machine from Scientific Games

Another vivid and highly entertaining slot from our friends at Scientific Games! We previewed the Cher Live Slot Machine!

Our video review includes the Believe bonus round, game play and the Turn Back Time bonus round. Scientific Games says that the Cher Live Slot Machine comes on “…the Pro Series V22/32 platform with a Pro Sound Chair. A Concert Wheel Bonus awards credits and five Free Games bonuses: Believe, Turn Back Time, It’s in His Kiss, All or Nothing, and Strong Enough…

“The Concert Wheel Bonus Feature offers chances for the Cash Wheel or 5 unique Free Game scenarios! Stacked Wilds, Exploding Wilds, and a life-changing Cash Connection jackpot round out this entertainment extravaganza on the casino floor!

Monty Python and the Holy Grail Slot Machine: Black Knight

We catch up with Scientific Games to discuss the release of their new slot machine: Monty Python and the Holy Grail: Black Knight. It’s the first of two new slots in the Monty Python theme, as Black Knight will be followed by Killer Bunny.

Spin the reels and watch scenes from the Holy Grail movie as King Arthur battles the Black Knight. The reels land to the sounds of clanging coconuts, as Scientific Games integrates many of the best Holy Grail elements into this fun and entertaining slot.

Scientific Games states that Monty Python and the Holy Grail Slot Machine is a premium slot packaged within the Bally Pro Wave cabinet. Fans of Monty Python will recognize signature bits throughout the slot. They go on to say that free spins “…are accented by footage of the Black Knight’s ill-fated battle with King Arthur or the sentry of the French fort flinging animals at the troupe

Playboy Don’t Stop the Party! Slot Machine Featuring Pitbull

Released in 2016 from Scientific Games, the Playboy Don’t Stop the Party! Slot Machine offers a new level of sensual excitement and the music of Pitbull!

Scientific Games states that Playboy Don’t Stop the Party! Slot Machine is “…a progressive video slot featuring Playboy Playmates and Pitbull on the ALPHA 2 Pro Theater cabinet with a Pro Sound Chair”. The company has the exclusive rights to produce Playboy themed slot machines.

Playboy states the Don’t Stop the Party! progressive video slot “… will entertain players with three hit songs from Pitbull, popular play mechanics, and a five-level progressive jackpot…” The jackpots include a wide-area progressive on the Bally Cash Connection link.

Amazing Stars

Amazing stars as the name suggests is the amazing and dazzling new slot game usually featured with five reels fill with vibrant colors and fresh fruits and what is next,  A progressive jackpot that you might hit at Amazing Stars. With Sparkling Stars in the sky, grab free games offered with all stars in their…

House of Cards Slot Machine from IGT

The House of Cards Slot Machine from IGT is a new title, released in two versions: House of Cards Power and Money Slots, and House of Cards Welcome to Washington Slots. Each game has unique features, but they share progressive jackpots between them. Watch our video review for the House of Cards Slot to see game play in action and learn more about the awesome new slot machine!

IGT says that the House of Cards Slot Machine has been well received by slot players. The game comes in their CrystalCore cabinet with a 42″ display, giving players a cinematic experience and “…enhancing game play with signature scenes from the famed political drama series.” Both versions of the House of Cards Slot Game feature “…engaging base and bonus game play with the chance to win any of the games’ five multi-level progressives.”

Cheers Slot Machine from Scientific Games

The long anticipated Cheers Slot Machine has arrived, made possible by our friends at WMS Gaming and Scientific Games! This wheel based slot game features funny clips from the Cheers television show combined with slot play to deliver a highly entertaining game. Pick your favorite bartender and make use of the multiplier for up to 100x awarded Cheers Credits!

The Cheers Slot Machine has all your favorite characters including Sam and Diane, Norm, Cliff and Coach! You can read more about the Cheers Slot on the WMS Gaming site.

Elvis Shake Rattling Reels Slot Machine from WMS Gaming

We’re all shook up about the new Elvis Shake Rattling Reels slot machine from WMS Gaming! This game brings you through all the phases of the life of Elvis… from Memphis to Las Vegas! the Elvis Shake Rattling Reels Slot also incorporates many of the King’s favorite and best known songs!

WMS Gaming says the Elvis Shake Rattling Reels Slot Machine comes on the BLADE Stepper cabinet theme which, “…combines three visually unique player-selected interfaces – each focused on the different eras of The King’s career – with the jackpots that mechanical players love.”

Video Game Gambling to Compete with Slots in Las Vegas

Video games hold more interest for the current generation than slot machines. These games of skill usually end in bragging rights only, but Nevada is trying to find a way to bring gambling to the new generation. High scores could start paying out for the best video game players in casinos, according to a June…