Trump Would Speak to League Commissioners about Sports Betting

Hours before the Super Bowl on Sunday, President Trump was interviewed by longtime TV and radio personality Jim Gray on a variety of topics – including sports betting. Gray referred to a recent American Gaming Association recent analysis on the volume of sports betting on the big game.

“You know quite a bit, as a former casino owner, and you have a particular insight — today an estimated $5 billion will be wagered, $4.8 billion, unregulated and untaxed illegally,” Gray said. “What is your position and thoughts on making sports gambling legal nationwide?”

“Well, what I’d do is I’d sit down with the commissioners,” Trump replied. “I would be talking to them, and we’ll see how they feel about it. Some would not want it, and probably others — and I’ve read where others maybe do. But I would certainly want to get their input and get the input from the various leagues, and we’ll see how they feel about it.

“I’d also get the input from lots of law enforcement officials, because, obviously, that’s a big step. So we wouldn’t do it lightly, I can tell you. It will be studied very carefully. But I would want to have a lot of input from a lot of different people.”

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