UKGC iGaming Proposals Look to Improve Players’ Experiences

UK CommissionOnline sports betting in the UK looks set to become more informative yet more concise thanks to a series of proposals by the Gambling Commission. The body responsible for licensing and regulating bookmakers in the UK recently outlined a series of policy changes designed to make the industry safer and more productive for players. Following the government’s call for the iGaming industry to do more in terms of responsible gaming, the UKGC is now tasking its licensees to provide a better service to players.

Listed in the UKGC’s recent report was the idea that operators should give customers the ability to scroll through at least 12 months’ worth of transactions. The aim is to make bettors more aware of the online activities and, moreover, have a more effective way of managing their bankrolls. As any sports bettor will know, learning how to correctly manage your money is crucial, which is why the new proposal will be welcomed by operators and customers alike.

Less Red Tape Means More Mobile Efficiency

In addition to asking operators to provide more information to punters, the UKGC is looking at ways to improve the mobile ecosystem. Given the limited amount of space mobile devices have, the UKGC has asked operators to suggest pieces of information that could be excluded in order to improve the experience without compromised integrity.

For example, a member of Paddy Power looking for the latest football odds might not want to scroll through a matrix of information just to see that weekend’s fixtures. Indeed, when a customer navigates to the operator’s desktop site, the football odds are displayed alongside a host of banner ads, menu options and tabs related to responsible gaming.

Although most of this information is relevant, it’s simply too much to fit on a mobile screen. At present, Paddy Power punters can load up the mobile app and hit the “weekend football” tab to see the forthcoming fixtures. However, in addition to the table of odds, the operator is required to publish its licensing information, business credentials and responsible gaming certificates from organisations like GamCare.

Less Text Equals More Bets

Despite being nestled at the bottom of the page, this information not only takes up space but memory. Mobile gaming is all about speed and efficiency which means every element on the page counts. If the UKGC and its stakeholders can agree that legal and regulatory information can be confined to a single page, then it could free up more space for operators. This, in turn, would improve the overall flow of an app for customers.

As it stands, the UKGC’s proposals are under review. However, the current list of ideas does suggest the regulator is looking to empower customers while cutting back on red tape. Indeed, between these proposals and the UKGC wanting operators to do more in terms of reporting suspicious behaviour, the iGaming industry in the UK looks set to become safer and more efficient in the coming months. With the industry as a whole now forecasted to reach $56 billion in 2018, the UKGC appears to be setting the standard for regulatory bodies around the world.