US Online Gambling Ban Concerns Grow

Luminescent signboards flashed across the streets and alleyways as colossal skyscrapers soared upwards to speak with the heavens. The jingle of coins and the rumbling of roulette wheels approached the ear from all directions. Inside, you could hear the flamboyant cheers of players soaked in adrenaline-filled mirth. Drinks poured in one glass at a time as the many LCD screens cast a depiction of the latest baseball game happening halfway across the country.

A trip to Las Vegas is the idyllic fantasy of every bachelor in the free world, but not everyone can afford the expensive and timetaking trips miles away from home. That’s why they invented online gambling, a diminutive, underwhelming attempt at recreating the splendor of a Las Vegas casino before the eyes of a man staring in front of a computer screen from his living room in Texas or Chicago. Still, online gambling is now a sector of the economy that drives the livelihoods of millions of American citizens, entrepreneurs and salaried personnel alike. But that’s not the real reason why they’re objecting.

The real reason behind the state administrations’ sudden ferocity in vocalizing their concerns to Attorney General Jeff Sessions on the subject of online gambling is much more political. No state wants to see the federal government interfering in matters that their respective administrations are best equipped to handle. Regardless of their stance on online gambling, National Governors Association did not go easy with words as they sent an extremely passionate, probably unnecessary, letter to the office of Attorney General Jeff Sessions earlier this month.

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