Video Game Gambling to Compete with Slots in Las Vegas

Vegas 2Video games hold more interest for the current generation than slot machines. These games of skill usually end in bragging rights only, but Nevada is trying to find a way to bring gambling to the new generation. High scores could start paying out for the best video game players in casinos, according to a June 30, 2015 reveal. Plans to offer arcade video games with winnings paid out for the gamblers skills are currently in the works. Nevadans are working towards regulations to make the changes happen. A bill with rules is being drafted and will be handed to the Nevada Gaming Commission in October.

The idea has come from needing to get younger people interested in the games at casinos. Slot machines do not offer the thrills that PlayStation, Xbox and mobile game applications can.

Marcus Prater stated, “It’s certainly not your father’s one-armed bandit anymore.”

Prater is the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers executive director. He pushed for a change in the Nevada gaming law. The law allows regulators to set up craft rules for skill style games.

If the changes are made in Las Vegas, then it is going to influence other areas, including Reno and Atlantic City to add these skill games. Chances are tribal casinos and other gambling locations will also take up video game gambling before it makes a worldwide debut.

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