Why UK punters reckon online gambling ads miss the mark

UK 4Marketing Magazine – 67% of UK consumers are concerned over the volume of online gambling advertising, while only a fifth of the populace believed that online gaming brands target the right audience, according to research from IgnitionOne.

The ‘Betting on Digital’ report was commissioned by digital marketing technology specialist IgnitionOne, which worked closely with ComRes and surveyed 2,000 UK consumers.

To gain a perspective from the gaming firms themselves, IgnitionOne also conducted in-depth qualitative interviews with 11 senior marketers from the online gaming sector.

A quarter (23%) of British adults said they gamble online, including 28% of men and 18% of women.

The National Lottery is the most popular form of gambling, with 58% of the UK population having taken part, followed by bingo (45%), horse racing (44%), and sports betting (42%).

Of the British adults who have never gambled online, 62% said it was because they thought it was a waste of money, and 58% because they did not find it appealing. Meanwhile, 18% said they had never gambled because they are against gambling in any form.