3 Hit Games that Should be Adapted to Slot Machines

It was over a decade ago when Microgaming, one of the best known and highly appreciated casino software developers of the industry, released the first video game based slot machine in history. The game they adapted was Tomb Raider, and the slot featured stills and symbols from the game. It was insanely successful, too – and its sequel, released a few years later, was also a fan favorite.

Both of the above games, as well as Hitman – also based on a video slot game – can be played in demo mode or in real money mode at the Red Flush Casino. The Red Flush casino video slot games list is amazing. While just a handful of them are based on video games, players will find several more inspired by blockbuster movies or successful TV series (Battlestar Galactica is one of my personal favorites). Aside from slots, Red Flush has all the games a casino-goer might be looking for, from card games to arcade titles. Very few of them are video game based, although the “official” gaming industry has several franchises that are yet unexplored by the casino games industry.

Here are the ones I would love to meet in the form of slot machines.

1. Mortal Kombat

04 - thisweekingambling.com_1Without a doubt, Mortal Kombat is one of the most successful game franchises of history. In more than two decades since its first launch it was released on all video gaming platforms, from coin operated machines to PCs, portable consoles and today’s mobile phones and tablets. It would be a perfect choice for a slot machine as it gives the developer an endless source of features and bonuses, and the possibility to fill the reels with characters from the game, and offer bonuses based on the iconic moves (like Uppercut Bonus) and Fatalities.

2. Fallout New Vegas

With a title like this, the Fallout series almost asks for a slot machine version. One of the best known features of the Fallout series is its iconic visuals, a unique mix of old school and high tech. I think adapting this game to a slot machine might attract more players to casinos offering them, and not just fans of the original game.

3. Classic arcade games (or Pixels)

04 - thisweekingambling.com_3The golden era of gaming has left behind several video game brands that are still resounding today. Think Pac Man, Space Invaders and their likes. How great it would be if someone (like Microgaming) would transform these into slot machines? Or better still, take Pixels, the recent Adam Sandler movie that features them all, and turn it into a slot. Columbia Pictures has a history of slots based on its movies anyway – think RoboCop, GhostBusters, and many others.