Anti-Doping to Get Full Review by British Horseracing Authority

The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) has announced plans to carry out a full review of its anti-doping rules.

Approved by the national regulator’s board this week, the decision to assess the current regulations comes after the BHA received a briefing on the impact of recent decisions involving anti-doping cases in the sport.

An independent disciplinary panel was established last year and has provided what BHA described as an “impartial and independent” scrutiny of the sport’s rules.

However, the BHA said that this has raised concerns over certain “assumptions” made across the horse racing in regards to the penalties for breaking the anti-doping rules, as well as obligations on those responsible for the welfare of horses.

As a result, the BHA will consult with the National Trainers’ Federation (NTF), the Racehorse Owners’ Association (ROA) and other member associations as part of the review.

Nick Rust, chief executive of the BHA, said: “Leading trainers and the NTF have frequently repeated their support for zero-tolerance of prohibited-at-all-times substances.

“The BHA agrees that this is the right approach to adopt if racing is to maintain credibility with the betting and viewing public and ensure a level playing field for participants.

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