How Casinos attract Millennials and their money

Enticing millennials into a land based casino online or online casino takes a lot more than a few gimmicks and a celebrity endorsement (Poker Stars we’re looking at you). Millennials are technologically savvy, brand aware and used to lots of choices which makes them a hard catch. So in a world of Facebook, Snapchat and smartphones how do casinos attract Millennials?

Enter please, online casinos. While it would be unfair to say all millennials live on their phones, the vast majority do, meaning that casinos had to shift their focus online. Today millennials have access to high quality games, 24/7 customer support and a multitude of other features, all at a touch of a button. However, as we mentioned before millennials love choice so how do they decide which online casino to play at? Well just like buying from any retailer they look at the reviews. Easily found, there are many dedicated online casino review sites like offer up detailed reviews of online casinos as well as good recommendations. Reviews often contain all the key buzz words that casino enthusiasts love to hear including: new slot games, bonuses, latest news and casino mobile friendliness. That’s another thing it’s not just enough for casinos to be online, they also have to be mobile friendly. “Mobile casinos have fast become the norm for many people. It is an area which is growing rapidly and, in fact, represents 60% of activity on most casinos today” –

Once casinos have delivered on their platforms, they then look to filling them. Common features found on online casinos are: Generous promotions, customer support and a huge catalogue of games. Games are an another major area where casinos have had to seriously up the ante. Gamification being the keyword to describe how games have changed over the years. Gamification in short means incorporating elements of video games into casino games. Some of the most popular elements used are level ups, games within games and creating an entire fantasy world. Another method used is mirroring, where casino games mirror what’s going on in real life one. A prime example of mirroring is the new Emoji slot game by NetEnt. Millennials and parents might also twig that Sony have also newly released Emoji movie to cinemas worldwide. By studying millennials and their behaviour, casinos can continue to attract a new generation of players. This is vital as without attracting new player’s casinos would essentially die out just like VCR players.

Customer service have also been given a face lift by casinos. Millennials expect instant results and casinos do their best to meet this impatience by providing live chat and 24/7 customer support. Many online casinos also capitalise on social media which is hugely popular with millennials. By offering their own Facebook, Twitter and Twitch accounts, casinos are again increasing their visibility. Social media pages often act as both advertising and communication for casinos. After all, when millennials want the latest news they don’t check traditional news outlets, they check Facebook. This is why not only do many online casinos have a presence on social media but also top news agencies like the BBC.

Chasing millennial money is proving no easy feat for casinos with expectation rising year on year. Advanced technology, ever changing tastes and a demand to be entertained are just some of the obstacles faced by casinos. However, casinos have shown that they are capable of attracting millennials and their money, proving to the world they still got it at least for now.

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